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Contacting the maintainers

This document details how to contact the maintainers of XCG in order to

  • Provide feedback (e.g. comments on design/usability/implementation, suggestions for improvement, feature requests)
  • Raise an enquiry (e.g. clarify if XCG is appropriate for your use case)
  • Submit a bug report

Providing feedback

There are 2 ways you can provide feedback to the maintainers:

  1. By raising an issue in a specific package's GitHub project
  2. By submitting this feedback form

In general, method 1 is preferred if the feedback relates to code or to a specific XCG package (e.g. comment on or feature request for that package). Method 2 can be appropriate if the feedback isn't related to any particular package, or if it relates to this documentation website.

Raising enquiries

Similar to providing feedback, there are 2 ways to raise an enquiry:

  1. By raising an issue in a specific package's GitHub project
  2. By submitting this enquiry form

Preference between the methods is similar to that for providing feedback.

Submitting bug reports

Bug vs vulnerability reports

To safeguard the community, it is important to differentiate between bug and vulnerability reports. While both "bugs" and "vulnerabilities" stem from unexpected behaviour in the software, the latter can expose existing users to exploitation by malicious actors, and hence should be handled with more care.

This section deals specifically with bug reports - i.e. unexpected behaviour that does not lead to an exploitable vulnerability. For more details on reporting vulnerabilities, refer to the next section instead.

Before submitting any bug reports for a specific package, please check all open and closed issues in the package's GitHub project to prevent the submission of a duplicate. Duplicate issues can be time consuming and can divert maintainers' attention away from more pressing issues.

To submit a bug report, raise an issue in the package's GitHub project using the "Bug report" template. Provide as many details as you can in order to help the maintainers triage the issue quickly.