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One of the most effective ways to learn a tool is to actually try it out. Therefore, we have designed this tutorial to walk you through how to build a simple application while incorporating the XCG packages listed below:

  1. Secure File Upload
  2. Secure Model Primary Key ID
  3. View Permissions
  4. Model Permissions

By the end of this tutorial, you will have built a simple website incorporating XCG. The concept is an application operated by the fictitious "XCG Town Council", which allows members of the public to submit issues they spot around their estate. Users are required to attach photos as evidence, and are able to categorise the issue as a specific "type" (e.g. road, sewerage). "Responders" from the town council can sign in to the application to view issues under their area of responsibility. They can also mark issues as "pending" or "resolved", depending on what has been done.